Moara Spicu's latest products:
-"Gospodina"s Pound Cake;

-Bread made with rye;

-Graham Bread;

-Cereal Bread.
       Starting with 2 miller employees, "Moara Spicu" company has increased the number of employees to 70 in it's 17 years of activity
       The company started in 1991, as limited-liability company with private founding, operating as a  grist-mill (producing flour and maize) and as an oil press.
       In December 1993, the bakery was open, and after 3 years,the first technological improvement was made, with equipment bought from Tehnopam Bucharest
       In 2000 the company bought a plot of land, and built a warehouse for storing flour.
       Also in the same period, "Moara Spicu" bought 2 PRIVE silos with a maximum storage capacity of 2200 t.
       In 2003 a new improvement was made to the grist-mill, thus increasing the flour output and quality. 
       In December 2006 a new bakery, that complied with European Standards was opened and a HACCP system was implemented (the first one is demolished in 2004).Also in 2006 a modern doughnuts factory was opened.
       Starting in January 2008, "Moara Spicu" inaugurated a new wing of the bakery which produces new selections of bread (cereal, rye).
Moara Spicu
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